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Create new direct mail opportunities with a range of innovative sheet-fed/web-fed presses and breakthrough digital finishing solutions.  From wider formats, special effects, to color gamut, HP Indigo and HP High speed inkjet solutions provide the flexibility to create high quality, differentiated mailings that can’t be produced on any other press technology today.

- HP Indigo 3550 Brochure
- HP Indigo 5600 Brochure
- HP Indigo 7600 Brochure
- HP Indigo W7250 Brochure
- HP Indigo 10000 Brochure 
- IHPS T200 Web Press
- IHPS T300 Web Press
- IHPS T300 Web Press
- HP Commercial SmartStream
- HP Production Elite Server
- HP Indigo Color Brochure
- HP Indigo ElectroInk FAQ
- HP Indigo Technology Paper
- Scodix S series Brochure

- Datam Farmers Case Study
BUZZ  5500 Case Study
- Caragraphics 7000 Case Study
- WWII Museum Case Study


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