Over the last 20 years, ABG has pioneered the development of glueless turret rewinders and today, the Vectra SGTR remains unchallenged in the market place.

With fully automatic changeover, the new AutoSet Vectra SGTR saves hours of costly set up and changeover time.

Simply enter the outside core diameter into the system’s intuitive touchscreen, and all the mechanical positions will be precisely set up – ready for the next job.

The Vectra SGTR holds the substrate to the cores, at the start of a new roll without stopping or slowing down the converting equipment.

In addition, it can be fitted with a print and apply label applicator to close the finished roll with a label.

Quick, fast and clean, it is especially suitable for rewinding labels which have been printed on heat sensitive substrates, or using heat sensitive inks, finishes or decorations.

Technical Specifications


Maximum Web Width: 330mm (13") /440mm (17") /540mm (21")
Maximum Speed: 150m/min (492 ft/min)
Maximum Roll Diameter: 400mm (16")
Counter: Labels and Metres
Air Mandrels: 4 off 76mm (3") as standard
Web Dividers: 6 (5 lanes)
HMI: 250mm (10") Touchscreen


Easy-to-use - automatic set up and changeover features, mean that less training is required.
Versatile - runs in-line with most printing presses or converters, or off-line with a stand alone unwind/slitting unit.
Flexible - with no glue to consider, timing issues are reduced - you can pause the machine if you need to.
Energy saving - since there is no need for a glue heating module.
Compact unwind - for off-line operation, a space-saving 1000mm diameter, braked unwind unit is available, with an integral roll lift, electronic web guide, adjustable splice table with clamps and auto-lift scissor slitting unit, complete with five sets of rotary knives.
Core loading - enables cores to be positioned automatically and accurately onto the rewind shaft, supplied with a storage tower or automatic bowl feeder for small cores.
Omega/Vectra interface - allows the operator to run an Omega converting line and a turret rewinder simultaneously, with the use of a single handset.

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