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Schmedt Manufacturer of the Prä-Bookbindery Machines

Since the end of the nineteen-sixties they manufacture bookbinding machines and special purpose machines for bookbinders and printers. In the course of the last 40 years a whole set of machines has been developed. The complete line of machines covers every step of the (binding-) production of a book. 

The Prä-machines are suitable outstanding for the making of cases, book blocks, the casing in and finally the pressing, rounding and embossing of books. Both assortment and multiple productions are possible, adjustments for different formats are not necessary. Thus these machines are suitable particularly for small and middle-size bookbinders.

In addition, for the training workshop and the manufacturing of samples at industrial bookbinderies. Additionally a new market segment in the "print-on-demand"-business has grown up the last years, which have to deal with hard covers in small series.



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